E90 CuSn8 wrapped bearing

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E90 CuSn8 wrapped bearing description

E90 bronze wrapped bushings (E90 CuSn8 wrapped bearing ) are made of entirely bronze CuSn8. Because of material properties, the working surface rolled with diamond Indentations (standard Indentations) or stamped oil grooves according to detailed application. And it also has good performance of anti-corrosion caused by chemical and environments. During the operation, the grease & oil will be released from the indentations, which allow for long-term lubrication. Compare with machined bronze bearings; E90 can offer some advantages including thin wall, lower weight, cheaper cost, high load etc. It is suitable for high load, lower speed application like construction, transport, and agriculture machinery.

Nosilnost Statična obremenitev N / mm2 120 Dinamična obremenitev N / mm2 40 Max. Hitrost E90 m / s 2,0 maks. Vrednost PV N / mm2 · m / s 2,8 Natezna trdnost N / mm2 · m / s 450 Nagnjena točka N / mm2 · m / s 250 Trdota HB 90-120 Raztezek 40% koeficient trenja μ 0,08 ~ 0.

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